Courtside Seats, Nosebleed Prices.
Save Money, Sit Better.

Buy and Sell used tickets During the game

Buy Tickets

Fans in  the upper level can upgrade to the lower level for a fraction of the price.

Sell Tickets

Fans that leave early can sell their seats and get money.

How It Works

Our Happy Customers

We’ve never really had the opportunity to experience the game from the lower levels due to the high ticket prices, and would be more than willing to upgrade during the game for a fraction of the ticket price.”
Leon (29)
“My tickets usually go to waste when something important comes up and i’m forced to cancel last minute. I would definitely put up my tickets if it simply took the click of a button.”
Andrea (32)
NBA fan
“I’m a huge fan, tickets are just usually out of my price range, and I don’t want to sit in the upper deck the whole time. "
Darren (21)
“It frustrates me seeing empty seats below me every game. I think it would be a game changer if I could move down for a fraction of the ticket price.”
Jerome (54)

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