Meet the Makers

Our Team

The Nosebleed team offers 40+ years of ticketing experience with local concerts, sporting events and interests worldwide.

Samuel Falic
A former soldier for the Israeli Defense Forces, Samuel is well-equipped to lead our team of individuals who bring to the table extensive experience in the ticketing industry. His forward-thinking skillset has been imperative in the foundation of Nosebleed.
Ariel Paniry
Through work experiences such as an Audit Associate in Ernst & Young's Miami practice, combined with global experience in the ticketing industry, Ariel has developed personal and business-oriented skills that serve to enhance the environment here at Nosebleed.
Bruce Gelb
Bruce Gelb has been one of the leading independent music and entertainment producers and promoters in North America.  Bruce and the Gelb family have worked with some of the world’s most notable acts in music including Andrea Bocelli; with whom Gelb has had the honor to work with for the past 20 years. Additional notable acts include Luciano Pavarotti, The Three Tenors, Itzhak Perlman, David Foster, Matisyahu, Heather Headley, and many others.
Jennie Rimon
Head of design and marketing
An expert graphic designer with a Bachelors degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design, Jennie furthered her studies at the School of Visual Arts where she learned innovative techniques to approach her work. Jennie’s extensive startup experience has laid the foundation for unparalleled design work, providing her with the tools to mold Nosebleed into what it is today.
“The Nosebleed team and platform create a win-win situation”.
Yair Miron

— Founder of GiftWizard Inc.