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On January 26th, 2020, the entire world stood still as the shocking news came out of California. Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter, and 7 other victims, were killed in a tragic accident. Immediately, the world began to mourn the death of one of the biggest icons of our generation. During the next few days, countless athletes, celebrities, and admirers, paid tribute to Kobe in numerous ways. The Nosebleed team considered a donation to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation, but we felt it was too soon. Instead, we made a regular post in honor of all the families affected by the tragedy.

On January 29th, Vanessa Bryant broke her silence and announced a Foundation called MambaOnThree, which aimed to raise money for the other victims’ families affected by the tragedy.  The Nosebleed team again contemplated making a post to raise money for the foundation. We were aware people would think we were doing this for our own benefit; ultimately, we decided that regardless of any backlash we would receive, raising money for those in need was far more important.

On January 31st, we made a post committing to donate $8 for every repost within a 24-hour period. Our goal was to donate $4,000 for the victims’ families. Our post went viral, and we received an out-pour of support in honor of the families. The volume of reposts equated to a commitment of $18,000, and to account for the people who did not tag us properly, we contributed $24,000 to the foundation, and we recorded a video doing so as evidence. We cut the video in order to block out our credit card number but have now published the complete video. We would like to thank the people at Hard Candy Cosmetics for their valuable contribution. Without their support, the donation would not have been possible.

Many people refuse to believe that a small Miami based startup that launched 2 months ago had the ability to donate $24,000. Despite this post coming from a place of sensitivity and love, people chose to hate. To address any concerns, we urge the skeptics to donate themselves, uncheck the processing fee box, and they will see that the amount entered is the amount charged. In addition, we have posted evidence of our contribution. It seems as though no matter how hard we try to show what we all accomplished, there will always be those who refuse to believe the good intent behind the donation. We urge everyone, including and especially those who criticize, to participate in this charitable venture to help the victims’ families.

We understand the skeptics and respect their passion. While people think we did this to further our own agenda, we did this for the MambaOnThree fund. We don’t mind the critics because, ultimately, we successfully donated $24,000 for an incredible cause. Rather than just make a post, we took action and donated money for those in need. We challenge those who are critical to participate with a simple $8 donation, which takes less time than sending us hate mail, and will verify the validity of our contribution.

This entire campaign shows the power of social media. A small company with good intentions was able to raise awareness for a cause we were passionate about. Social media has the ability to bring us all together and become a whole stronger than the individual parts. While many in the social media community refuse to believe what we were able to accomplish, we hope the world realizes how much stronger we are when we work together, especially for charitable causes.

Lebron said it best,
“In the words of Kobe Bryant ‘Mamba Out’
But in our words, 'Not Forgotten'."

-The Nosebleed Team-